I have to warn you before I start, I know its a cheesy route to come to such a deep emotional place but this is how it happened, so I am going to share it that way and hope that it means as much to you as it does to me.

Today Jessie and I watched So You Think You Can Dance with our kids, something that despite being in Africa and not getting even one TV station, we are able to do thanks to the nonexistent piracy laws… If you are not breaking the law then….. Right? Anyway, that is besides the point. Here we were watching this one particular dance where the couple on stage were getting really into it, really putting their emotions out on the line as they danced to a Coldplay song (called “fix you”) and opening up their hearts. It was clearly a deep moment for them, a time when the both of them just let go and danced from deep down inside. Now those who know me well will know that it does not take much for me to cry, it just kinda happens when I watch sappy movies. Anyhow I sat there next to my wife with our daughter on my lap and felt a tear start to form on the corner of my eye. I wiped it away, shaking my head, scoffing at my own week embarrassing emotions and tried my best to hide the fact that I was getting emotional over something like this, but as they continued to dance I started to wonder what it was about this moment that was reaching in and stirring me.
I looked deeper and realized there while I watched them, encircling their bodies around the stage, holding each other tightly, and putting their hearts out for the world to see, I realized that marriage is a lot like dancing, its the swirling, beauty of movement together. Marriage is the balance of being who you are on your own while holding onto the other person and at times picking them up and carrying them along through a rough patch, or relying on them to carry you through when you need it. I see these people dancing and watch the way the move and trust each other to be there when they jump and I look over at Jessie and see this beautiful wonderful woman who has had to catch me so many times, I see this person who I love so deeply, and I realize that I love dancing through life with her. I love the trust, the depths of emotions that we share and the beautiful painting of a life that we are creating together, I realize that marriage is art, not structure, not contract, art, and its deeply beautiful.

As we embark on yet another season of our lives together I am eternally thankful for the love of my life Jessie, for the dance that we are creating together and for the trust in her that I hold onto so deeply.

You will see on this blog in the coming weeks the unfolding of a new time for us as a family, its a wonderful thing, a place of peace and great triumph, its a time to start out again and look into the horizon together, aiming for great and lasting change. Its the beautiful sequel in our dance together. I for one am on the edge of my seat with excitement about the launch of this new project! Stay tuned…

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