Jessie and I are pretty down to earth (as if I needed to tell you that after you have been reading here) we are both face value people who are not really good at hiding our feelings, nor are we very polished on the communication front.  We just kind of say it like it is, and at times that makes people run for the hills.  We are ok with that.  It is strange though, when you take two people like us and you throw a ministry like Bring Love In and all the attention it has been getting, and the book and all that is happening around that, we just aren’t all that interested in the spotlight, so it just keeps on going past us.   (Thank God)  Anyhow, we still do get a good number of messages from people every day, and I am not really scientific about it, but if I had to guess I would say that 7 out of 10 of them start with. “So we are thinking about becoming missionaries, and….”  the problem is we aren’t all that good of a resource, if you read my book you will know that we screwed up in just about every area imaginable, and only by the grace of God is anything good coming out of it, so when we try to answer these well meaning people, I’m afraid we might be doing more harm than good.  And so that is why I was so excited when I heard about this new blog that just launched, (and not just because I was asked to be one of the writers either), but because it really is a good idea, and one that is needed today.  The blog is called A Life Overseas, and it is written by several missionaries from all over the world, each of us is sharing our hearts about what it means to live as a full time missionary, and at times even offer up some help for those who are walking the same path.   Good stuff for sure!

Want to check it out?  Go take a peek at