Now that we are finally adjusted, ready to settle in and the family is completely over the jet lag (which by the way was for some reason the worst ever jet lag in the history of jet lag) we are starting to focus on the task at hand.  Getting this project opened and getting orphans into forever families.

What we are finding is that we still have some waiting to do, its a calm before the storm around here, where in a few months we will be running around like mad trying to make sure each house is well stocked, and that each mother has everything she needs to do her job well…. Now, we are focusing on getting mountains of paperwork filed, writing procedures and checklists for the houses, and drafting the best possible landlord-tenant contract so that we are not arguing over price-increases for houses all over the city.  I know its good, understand why this is important, but there is a part of me that just wants to go start picking up children.  I know you understand, each of us has the desire to see some results, some help that is happening, yet this also is good.  And its taking some effort to tell my self that.

We are learning to embrace this season, to focus in on being good parents to our children and stay up late in the evenings to finish up the paperwork and filing projects that need to get done, knowing that once we do start the whole family will have to jump into high gear to make this work.

We are constantly praying that the papers we submitted last week come back this week so we can submit them to the next office for approval. It feels a bit like we are on the hill climb section of the roller coaster, we know what is coming, but this part is not really what we came for.

Thankfully things have been flying through the process in record time, so by the looks of it come October we will be ready to open the doors on the first of the homes.

Pray for speed and patience both, but most of all pray that ever detail of this process is handled well so that what we build will endure.  We are not here for a project that will last a few years, we are building forever families, and planning for the long term.

In the end I know we will look back on this season and be glad that we did ever step correctly.

Thanks for sticking around, its great to have you.