“In times of great change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists” Eric Hoffer 

I have long been a fan of putting it all out there, a believer that each of us is better of if we are open and real with each other.  I think you would agree that looking back on your life, and examining the relationships that you have had, the ones where your friends were honest and real with you, are of the most value.

As Jessie and I talk of what we want this blog to be and communicate, we keep coming back to the same truth, self evident in our lives over the years; communication without honesty is worthless.  So its with that belief that we commit to be real, we commit to talk of both our mistakes and our successes with equal depth and clarity.  We will process the raw, together, and hopefully discover more about this great journey God has us all on this earth to enjoy.

I am almost sick of saying it, wishing that it were over already, but this is truly a time of transition for us as a family. We put our lives towards and devoted everything we had into caring for an orphanage full of kids, but in the past month its all fallen apart, it was taken from us and there was nothing we could do.  In the time since that all happened we have tried to communicate the future, to cast vision and step up to the plate and lead. But what we should have done is talk about the pain, and be honest with how hard of a hit it really was, and stop for a minute in the middle of it all to take the time and really process it ourselves.

We loved each of those children dearly and cared about each and every one of them as if they were our own.  Letting go, walking away, and trying to focus instead on the future, that hurts.   It was painful, yet we did not want to spend weeks licking our wounds and asking others to walk through that pain with us.  We wanted to stand up and look strong.  But the truth was, it hurt, and this long later, after processing more and coming to terms with the reality of all that happened we can see that the pain was far deeper than we wanted to admit even to ourselves.

Yet in the middle of all this change, while we face the pain, we also seek to learn, we seek to understand who it is that we are and who God is calling us to be.  We want to be learners and not those who are beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.  We believe that life is a rough draft, an un-completed work and its full of us, people who are far from perfect.

Won’t you join us?  The imperfect people, struggling to make the world a little better by learning from our mistakes and staying committed to keep moving forward.