There are times when God moves, like he lines things up just to show you that he is what is making it all come together.  But if your life is anything like mine, those times are few and far between. This past few weeks though, it has been amazing to watch him move.

A little more than a week ago we had to mail off for our Ethiopian visas, something that if you know our history in Ethiopia, you will know does not always go as planned and is quite expensive.  We spent the better part of the day gathering documents, printing things, and getting photos taken, by the end of the day we had spend right around $500 dollars on the whole process. But get this…  in the car on the way home I opened up a piece of mail that I had been carrying around with me all day. It was a check from a family in Florida, and I bet you already know how much the check was for.   Yep, $500 exactly!

Then get this one, a week later we went to the bank to wire money for our rent in Ethiopia on our house.  While we have been here in the states a missions team was staying there and paying the rent for us, (which is another beautiful story in itself) but now that we are coming back we had to pay. And the way things work in Ethiopia with houses is that they always want you to pay pretty far in advance.  So we had to basically empty our bank account for this one.  We gritted our teeth and said a little prayer, hoping that God knew how close things were getting…  Then, while in Texas this past weekend, Jessie and I stayed with a family and just before we left they handed us the exact amount of money that we had sent for the rent.

Today I am thankful that God confirms.