I am thankful to have my family back together again, Jessie and Ruth stayed behind in America while Ruth recovered from her tonsillectomy, but they are both with us now and its nice to have them here. Family just works better when we are all together.

I am thankful for Yabi, our local coordinator here in Ethiopia. During the past 3 months while we were back in the States working on getting the non-profit set up and raising funds for the project, he was here working his tail off. Literally hundreds of pages of program documents have been written, countless government offices navigated and things are looking good.  I am thankful for Yabi today, no way we could do what we do without his giving heart.

I am excited that we are closer to making a difference, being back here and seeing once again all the need on the streets is hard.  Yesterday we were out most of the day running errands and I kept my eyes open to all the kids on the streets.  Now I don’t know what each of them is going through or if they have families to go home to, but there is something about a 4 year old child coming to the window of your car and asking for money that is just heartbreaking.   I pray that we are able to get past these next hurdles soon.  The one thing we know is that from the moment we open our doors we will be flooded with children who need families, we pray we are able to give them just that.

I am thankful for all of those who have donated to help us get this far.  God’s provision is incredible, and you are all the most wonderful people!  Thank you for opening up your hearts to these children with us.