Very little in this world has the ability to make me this excited! I just got off the phone with Thomas and he received referrals for ten more kids to come live in our forever families, and he will pick them all up on Monday morning! This means we will now have seven homes opened!

I don’t know about you but I am just blown away amazed at how God is moving, and making these families come together!

We already have mothers hired and trained for these new homes, and the staff are working on getting furniture, beds and appliances together. As you can imagine every time a new group of kids comes it is go time around the office. Everyone is pitching in to get this all together.

Pretty neat huh?!

This is the part where I want to just scream out in joy. THANK YOU GOD!

I can’t wait to go back and start sharing more pictures and stories with you from these new families. (only 17 more days until we leave!)

Lastly, before I go dance around the room here, we have the funds to set up one of these new houses, but not the second. We need $5500 to set up each house, if you would like to help out with this we would love it. Click here to help out with this need.

Ok.. Off to dance around and thank God!


UPDATE: I did not expect this to be happening so fast, but just for the heck of it jumped on our giving site to see what was happening today… And saw that there has already been $1025 donated towards setting up this house! Whoa! I am still blown away every time that this happens. Thank you all! Only $4475 left.

UPDATE #2: It’s 9:45 and giving is up to $3325 towards this need! Praise God!! Only $2175 remaining!

Update #3. At $3800 this morning!

Update#4. Monday morning and we are at $4000. Getting there!