Many of you have heard me voice my hesitation on this topic before. Over the past two years it seems that every six months or so the time comes around again when I just have to swallow that lump in my throat and come out and say it…. No matter how embarrassed it may make me feel.

As you know from reading over the past months, we are gearing up for our family to return to Ethiopia and put together a new orphan care project in Addis Ababa.  The need we found for good in country orphan care is staggering, we feel that our family is called to step up and do what we can to take in as many of these orphans as possible and to give them a bright future in their home country.

Although we are great fans of international adoption, we find that the need in Ethiopia is far greater than adoption will ever be able to solve, something needs to be done to help the rest of the children who are left with no mother and father.

We are stepping up as a family to care for the ones who are left behind.


With that motivation and stirring in our hearts we have set out to do what often feels more impossible than possible.  However with your help and encouragement we have been forging ahead and making progress towards getting our family back to Ethiopia.

An American nonprofit has been established, a new website is being designed, and negotiations have been ongoing with the local government and resulted in an open invitation for us to come back and start this new project.

The plane tickets have already been purchased, we will be heading back on August 15th.   Only 6 more weeks to get everything in order!


Now… Despite feeling that lump forming in my throat. I will continue here…  Our family has one more big hurdle that stands in the way, and that is funding for our personal living expenses.

Here is where we are at; It costs us $2650 per month for our family of 6 to live in Ethiopia, including money for mandatory travel to keep our visas valid, money for food, housing, utilities. Etc…

Today we have $825 in monthly commitments.

So, for all of us non-accountants out there, this means we need another $1825 coming in before we will have enough to live on.


We want to ask if you will consider stepping in to help our family with our monthly living costs, to help support us while we work on building an orphan care project in Ethiopia.

As of right now we do not yet have the online donation tool set up, (soon, but not quite yet…) but we can accept tax-deductible donations by mail, the old fashioned way.

If you want to help support our family, drop us an email and let us know, that way we can keep tabs on how much more we have to go to meet the goal.


My email address is

To mail a check you can send it to our new PO Box.  Just make it out to Bring Love In and put Benkert Family Support in the memo line.


Bring Love In

Levi Benkert

PO BOX 162702

Sacramento, CA 95816


Thank you so very much!


Levi and Jessie Benkert