Choose a child – Change a Life

Just like you we believe that every child deserves a chance to thrive, that is why we spent 11 years building the best orphan care program possible. Now for only $35 a month you can sponsor a child, and see that they are able to grow to become what they were made to be.

Each child has 10 sponsorships available, grey dots are open sponsorships and blue dots are filled.

100% of all sponsorship funds go straight to the care of the child you support. All administrative costs are covered by a special grant.


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9 of 10 Sponsorships Available

Age: 7

Jessica is a kind girl at our orphan care center, Omo Hope. Jessica is a meek and gentle girl. She is very creative and loves to draw and color. Her favorite color is pink.


City: Omo Valley
Care Center: Ethiopia - Omo Hope
College Plans: pilot


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