I just had one of those moments today where I realized… Oh shoot, it has been forever since we wrote on the blog!    So sorry, life seems to keep going and we forget to sit down and write to catch up with you all.

First off I just want to say thank you for all of you out there who faithfully read the blog here and keep up with us on everything going on at Bring Love In over here in Ethiopia.   We can hardly believe how many people there are around the world who are praying and giving every day to make all of this come together, literally there are now thousands of people who read regularly, and hundreds who give faithfully every month.  That to us is one of those things that just blows our minds.  Makes us realize how amazing God is, and excited for these kids who were once orphans and all the support they have from all over the world to help them in their journey.   Sometimes you just have to stop and say thank you..  Thank you.

It is just good stuff, no other way to look at it.

One thing that I realized we have not updated on is the matching funds grant that we spoke about.  If you recall, a month or so ago we casually mentioned one of the most amazing blessings had come our way, and that is an ongoing, monthly matching funds grant.   Meaning, every single donation up to $4000 a month gets matched.  Ongoing.   Forever.    Pretty neat right?

We thought so too.

Well since that post went up in September we have seen just over $1000 in new commitments come through, meaning we still have $1500 available that we can claim in double donations.

Again, we have talked about this before, but we are at the place where we are trusting God, we don’t believe in fund drives, or campaigns, we just believe in God and his provision for needs.   This matching funds grant is one of the things that we believe he made happen.   Moving the right people at the right time to meet a need.   And so while we are here updating today, we are doing this more out of praise than anything else.     We know that he will bring along what resources are needed for our families, he always does.

Anyhow.   Thomas just called, and he is waiting for me we need to run to our meetings today.

Thanks so much for everything!  We are so blessed to be a part of this with you.