I am not quite sure how else to say it, but moving back to America, after 6 years living in Ethiopia is… well… weird.   Just the simple things like understanding all of the conversations going on around you because they are actually in your language feels like an overload of information, then there is trying to decide what kind of soap to buy when they are 50 options instead of 1.   Yeah, it is just weird, and tiring.

We made it though, after a crazy season of upheaval, too many boxes and bags of stuff that needed shuffling around, countless hours of going through our house and weeding out what all needed to come back with us, and then way-way-way too many Ikea furniture assembly projects, we are here in Austin.  And for the most part, we are settled.   Physically anyway.  Emotionally and socially we feel like outcasts with far too little knowledge about the way life works here.

Just yesterday I was in line at Target and the lady checking me out asked me three questions that I could not even understand!  Something about a coupon app.  Shrug… “Um,  I guess?”  She then pulled out her phone and proceeded to scan several of my items and pulled up a barcode that took money off of my bill..   Strange but ok!   Thank you.  Then she asked about how many bags I wanted to buy.  Apparently you need to pay for bags in this town.  Again.. Strange but, ok, remember to bring my own next time.   And then something else that I completely misunderstood.  Another shrug..   I am pretty sure she thought I was a few cards short of a full deck when I walked away.

Somehow eventually we will figure out how life works here, but for now we are out looking for a church to call home. It is amazing how lonely it is moving somewhere completely new.

I think the strangest thing of all is that we are completely ignored when we go out.  We got so used to being stared at and called “Ferengie” wherever we went in Ethiopia, that walking around and not being noticed feels kind of weird.  It is almost like we just blend in with the wallpaper.   That I have to say is very nice!

Anyhow, rambling on here about adjustments.  One of these days it will all feel normal, but for now it is very weird for us.

What I do want to talk to you about is Bring Love In, now that we are here in America we would love to get the chance to come and see you! The one thing that we have learned in our time with the ministry is that we need to get in front of people so that they will hear first hand what it is that Bring Love In does Ethiopia, we can go on and on in a blog about how amazing it is to see these kids lives being transformed, but the truth is someone is ten times more likely to jump in and help with the needs when they meet us in person and hear about the work.  A few summers ago we did a tour around America where we spoke in churches, people’s living rooms, Irish pubs and all sorts of other strange venues and still to this day we have donations coming into the ministry from people who we met on that trip!  We learned a thing or two from that experience and are ready to do it again!

We want to ask if you would be willing to host us for an event in the next few months, we will be keeping it smaller than last time as our kids are not quite ready again for the 14,000 mile trek, but we would love to fly out and see you and get a chance to speak in front of your church or fundraising event.   If you think you can help put together a Bring Love In or are able to speak with your church about letting us stand up and talk about the ministry please drop us a line at Levi@bringlove.in and let us know so we can start working out a schedule.