Wow.  I don’t even know where to begin today.  We have had a lot going on and are spinning as we try and put it all together.  Thankfully its all good stuff though.


First off, we only have a few more weeks until we leave, meaning we have officially entered into crazy mode, the packing and last minute crunching has officially started.  Pure madness!


Before we go to Ethiopia though, we are headed off on one more trip to Texas for a few days this coming weekend. We will be taking some time to meet with some great friends in a few different cities around the Dallas area.  We are especially excited to be getting together with the wonderful people from the Ethiopian Smile group that came to visit us in Ethiopia last year!  Both Jessie and I are really looking forward to this trip.


Also, some very big news going out to all of you today who have signed up for our email list.   We have been approved for a large matching funds grant!  Its a wonderful boost to the fund raising we have been doing for the orphan care project, but in order to access those funds we need to get monthly commitments for donations.


So, that means that if you have ever considered donating to help Bring Love In and the orphans of Ethiopia, NOW IS THE TIME!!


All you have to do is click on the donate button to your right there, and make a monthly commitment.  All donations that come in, up to $2500 a month will be matched, not just once, but for every single month that you leave your recurring donation set up.  How cool is that!


Sorry, if I seem a bit excited here, but did you just hear that?   I mean, how amazing is that?!?


Super cool stuff.


For the past week I have been counseling at kids camp up in the mountains and as soon as I got back last night it seems that everything is running at full speed.


Thank you all for your support and prayers, Bring Love In is a reality, and soon many many children will be given loving families to care for them, all because of your generosity and love.


Thank you!




A side note here… If you are not signed up for the Bring Love In email list you really should, we don’t send out lots of spam messages or anything, but the few emails we do send out are the things you will really want to hear about.   Can’t go wrong with that one.