You know that story about the Tortoise and the Hare?  Or how about the song

“Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry”?

Or the saying, “Measure twice cut once”?

All of them extoll the virtues of waiting, going slow and keeping your cool when things seem to take longer than you want them to.

Yeah I know all of that, but I gotta say today that all of those old stories are coming to mind in this season and they have me wondering just why going slow is better.  I mean, I understand the being thorough part, and I am totally on board when it comes to planning and carefully figuring out which path is best.  But waiting for months for a license… This has crossed some invisible line that the breaks the rules of the universe.

So, do you remember how six weeks ago I was going on and on here about how we were in the very last office and how in just moments we would be licensed and able to take kids into new families here…  Well, shortly after that we found out that the approval letter that we had gotten at the last office was not written correctly.  From there we had to backtrack and get it rewritten.  Sounds easy enough right?  Just go back to the last office and get the wording on the already approved letter done again…

Not so much.

Getting that letter it turns out included several people going on vacation, others who were completely confused as to why we needed the letter rewritten and still others who it seems are out of the office on “sick” days more than they were in the office.

Not that I am complaining. Really I am not.

We knew this coming in, we understood that working in Ethiopia is a challenge that tests your very soul, and these challenges are part of the reason that the problems we are here to help with exist in the first place.

Today though, I am more than ready to be past the patience-lessons that I learned in all the fairy tales when I was a kid and onto the doing-lessons that I learned as an adult.

All that to say… Today we found out that the approval letter that we were back to get reworded has been finished and sent again to the licensing office!   Hooray!  Yipee! Boo Ya! Woo Hoo! Can I be more excited here!?!

And this time since we have already been in the licensing office, they are already familiar with our project, and if what they say is true, they are going to be turning this thing around soon.

Of course… We have learned that pre-celebrations are not a good idea, and that anything could happen between where we are today and actually having that license in hand.

So today we are choosing to smile, keep our heads on the task at hand and pray that things go well from here.

That, and of course we are wondering if maybe all of those stories about patience might need a little rewording.

“Have patience, have patience, but pray that God will make things go quickly”

“Slow and steady is good for the start of the race, but eventually you gotta get past the finish line”

I know, they don’t have the same ring, but really guys, something has got to give here.