For the past month we have been working with this one particular government office to get our license approved. Once finished it means we will finally be able to start taking children in and creating new families here in Ethiopia from Widows and orphans, however we keep getting the run around.   And its not just a little run around either, it is like they want us to do a marathon every time we go into the office.   What started out as minor changes in wording, has turned into going back several offices that we had passed already and getting new approval letters.  Ug…

Not once has there been any real concern that the license would not be approved eventually, each official who has reviewed our proposal has praised the project and encouraged us that this model of creating new families locally is indeed what this country needs, yet the frustration of waiting, waiting, waiting…. and not really knowing the exact timeline is or why these delays are happening is more than I can explain with words.

Today I woke up and wanted to write a post explaining what was happening, to try and open up so you understand where things are at….  But then I realized something-something I should have realized a long time ago.

All of this running around, all of these unexpected delays and frustrating complications have been happening and I have not even asked you to pray.  

What should have been plan A, has made at all the way down to plan G or W.  For some reason we have been focusing instead on creating the perfect strategy, trying to find a way through the bureaucratic mess on our own. Sometimes it is so easy to forget to just simply come to Him first, to seek his divine help when things get stuck.

Today will you go back to plan A and pray with us that whatever it is that is holding up this final approval will be done once and for all?  WIll you get on your knees with us and ask God to come and help?