If you have ever visited Ethiopia you will undoubtedly know that not only is Ethiopia a coffee-country but that it is The-coffee-country. Literally the best coffee in the world comes from this amazing place, no contest.  We know of people who when visiting bring back a whole years worth of coffee with them, because… it’s just that good.


What does good coffee have to do with Bring Love In, and creating new families from widows and orphans?

Until now, nothing.

This week however Neal and Kim Kellenberger launched a website in America selling coffee beans from… you guessed it, Ethiopia (Tomoca coffee to be exact, which in my opinion is the best of the best), and the new business was set up as a way to support Bring Love In!   Pretty neat, right?!   We are amped about this as well.

So, have you every wondered what the worlds best coffee tastes like?  Then you gotta go get some of these beans!

Gotta warn you though, we got just a little more than hooked on this stuff here in Ethiopia, I think there is some secret ingredient in there. Not to mention that each purchase helps to support creating new families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia.

Go check it out!   www.WORLDSGREATESTBEANS.com