One of the things that we keep coming back to as we pour our lives into these new families, is how perfect it would be if we were able to accept sets of siblings into these families. Children who together lost their parents, or were abandoned.

As you can guess, family groups who end up in the government orphanages often are split up and placed in different locations. It is not that the staff are not trying to keep them together, but as they get older they must split up as they age into the older children’s orphanages. Girls go with the girls, boys with the boys, and if one location gets full sometimes children are moved to other areas.  There are just to many children to keep track of, and keep families together.

Sad, but painfully true for countless children each year.

The one thing that they still had after complete devastation of one kind or another ripped through their family was that (or those) sibling(s)…

Now though they have to face yet another shot through the heart emotionally when their siblings must move out and leave them alone.

So, with this plan, with the families that we create, we get to keep those families together, we get to give back what was taken away, not only in the loss of a parent, but also the siblings.

That was the plan…

We talked about it, and told people about it, and hoped and prayed that one day we could see reunification heal just one part of a broken heart.

Today though, it’s for real!

Our staff has finally finished going through the interviews for the 25 children that now live in our families. Asking them all about their lives, their past, and what siblings if any they may have who were left in the government run orphanages.

Of the kids we have now, eight of them have one or more siblings who are in various orphanages around Ethiopia. And we are going after them!!!

Today was the first day when Thomas headed off to the various offices for these orphanages and put in the official request for transfers.

Please pray for this process, and pray that we are able to get these sibling groups reunited.

We are going after this with a fierce resolve, working to restore what was broken, and heal what was taken away.