Today I had to make a call that I was really hoping not to make…. We sort of suspected this was coming but were holding out hope that it might not come to this.

I can’t remember if I posted here on the blog about this or not, but our 4 year old daughter Ruth had surgery to remover tonsils and adenoids last week, and now the doctors are telling us that she will not be well enough to fly on Monday when we are scheduled to head back to Ethiopia.

So…. I had to call the airline and change the flights for her and Jessie. I will still go on monday with the other three kids, but Jessie and Ruth will have to wait another week before they can come.

This is just frustrating!  I know it will be over before you know it, but its crappy to have to split up like this.  And it just costs way to much in fees for us to change all of our flights.

Oh well.   This too shall pass.