In a little less than two weeks me and our two youngest girls are heading back to Ethiopia to spend some time catching up with all that we have going on over there.   4 AM phone calls will only get you so far, sometimes you just need to sit down with everyone and look into their eyes and connect.   I am looking forward to getting a chance to do that on Bring Love In all the different projects that I manage in Ethiopia.

We are loaded up to the max with shoes for the trip!  Thanks so much to everyone who sent shoes our way, its so neat to see so many pairs all in one place, I can’t wait to get these one the kids!

I promise to post pictures of the trip, and our time there with the kids and families at Bring Love In.   I often forget to pull out my camera, but this time I am determined to not forget and actually do it!

Thank you again to everyone who sent shoes, what a cool thing that is to be able to bring shoes for our kids who need them!    Now I just need to make all of these things fit into six suitcases!