Today I am beyond excited; this evening me and the kids are heading to the airport to pick up Jessie!  After three weeks in the states, the healing from her surgery is finally passed and she is ready to fly!   We could not be more happy to have her back.

This morning I went over to the Intake Center and took a look around.  The staff are still in set up mode, and getting the place in order.  It is a lot of work, but its coming together nicely.  The remodel is finally behind us, and now we are focused on getting everything where it belongs.  This morning was office-put-away-day, boxes of supplies were being unloaded and organized so we can actually function like a real office.  We are going to be tracking more than 160 different children in our homes, and in our sponsorship program in the next year, and we need to be sure that the systems are in place and functioning before we start instead of coming back and fixing them all later.  (been there done that)

I snapped a few pictures of the donation room, it looks like a total mess but really its organized. This picture hardly does it justice, but there are about 2000 pounds of donations crammed in this room.  Inside everyone of these bags are clothes that have been categorized by size, ready to be passed out to the individual homes and worn by the kids as they come to us.

But… We have a need in this room, we really want to get these donations up off the ground and onto shelves so that they can be easily accessed by the social worker who will be responsible for keeping the homes stocked.  This room is going to be the permanent donation room, or “store” as the Ethiopian staff are calling it.   What we need, and missed in our initial estimates of set up expenses (I should add) is shelves for this room.

Somehow I missed it when we were creating the budget for the startup expenses. I put in there shelving for food storage and kitchen supplies, and we bought that already, but for the donations… Yeah, its totally my fault that I missed this one, but there is nothing in the budget to cover this cost.

We thought about buying some small ones and winging it, but really within only a few months we will be handling donations for literally hundreds of families between the forever families (widows and orphans) and the sponsor families from our community here.  So, I feel that we really need to just go for it and set this room up right from the start with big floor to ceiling shelves.

We went to several local craftsmen and priced what it will cost to get this done.   To get them made out of solid plywood, painted white and then installed is going to cost just over $1000 dollars.  We had enough in our account that was not already designated for something else to pay a deposit at the shop that gave us the best price this morning, and we are praying that the funds come in to pay for the remainder before it comes due next week.

I kind of just did it on faith, and I am praying that we get the money in time. Please pray with us for this need, God will provide I am sure of it!   If you want to help out with this one we would be really excited.