Well we are in our new place now and despite the fact that our stuff is strewn around everywhere and there are still construction guys in here working on the last of the issues… We are here.  And that is a good thing.

I am still amazed at how much house you can rent here in Ethiopia for as much as a used car payment in America, especially when you get out on the edge of town like we did.  We are thankful to be here in this place and hopeful that we will get settled in soon. We still can’t cook in the kitchen so later today we are taking the kids and going out to dinner, I am pretty sure not one of us could handle cheese and crackers for one more meal.

Sorry, not much insight or anything helpful info in this post, my brian is fried from all the moving and I need some time before I am able to share anything of value.  But I thought I could show some pictures for you of our new place.

All of the new forever family homes for Bring Love In are going to be just a short walk from here.


From the front..  Don’t ya just love the barb wire! It is pretty much standard issue around here. 


The view from outside our gate

Our kitchen. 

The front yard 

And the living room.  Still kind of camping.   But it is home!  And that is all that matters.