I went on Amazon to look at Katie Davis’ new book ‘Kisses From Katie’, I was excited to see that the book is doing incredibly well and despite having only been recently released, just this week the book made it on the NY Time Bestseller list. I noticed something though when I was reading the review section on the Amazon page, almost everyone rated the book as five stars, except for one person gave it less. The reviewer said that she agreed with the principles in the book, except that she is a mother, and when it came to her own daughter she would no way agree to let her to go off to somewhere like Uganda and start caring for orphans. She was saying in effect that we are all indeed called to go and serve, except for when it comes to my own kids, I want them to stay here, where its safe.

I don’t want to weigh in on this topic, but rather put out the simple question that bears consideration, to get us all thinking today about where we have decided in our minds to draw the line between what we want to give and what He asks of us.

Understand though, I am not saying that He always asks more of us than we already give for others. Just trying to search out the answer to a complicated question.

Here it is;

Should we be willing to give it all?