We have this ritual around our house, one that I am a firm believer makes for better kids.  Every Saturday morning we let the kids watch cartoons as soon as they wake up, we just let them go for it and enjoy a slow Saturday morning of just plain old TV watching.  And I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.  Of coarse living in Ethiopia with no satellite dish makes for some pretty slim pickings when it comes to what to watch, but thankfully we have accumulated enough DVD’s so there is a bit of selection, although its all reruns…   Anyway, this morning was cereal day, that sounds like it might be sort of lame, but cereal day is special around here.  Its not that we are against cereal or anything, its just that a medium sized box costs around 7 dollars, so we try and keep it to a special thing or we would go broke if our four kids ate cereal every morning…

So anyhow, I opened up this box of Shiny Star, and its sort of ok tasting, nothing special to be sure.  But the kids are jumping off the walls excited, asking for third bowls full and doing backflips because they think it tastes SOOOOO good.  Its interesting to see how tastes change, and how two years in Ethiopia makes you forget everything. But for me, I have to admit that I do miss a good old bowl of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch now and again.