Our absolutely favorite people on the planet are sponsors for our families over here at Bring Love In.  These are the people who faithfully give every month to help a family that they have never even met, month after month after month.   Yeah, they are like rock stars who don’t get a lot of praise but play their music still.  And it is good.

Today we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the rock stars in our life who sponsor both our Keep One Home families and our Forever Families, you are all awesome!

Speaking of sponsors, if you are one of them and you haven’t heard from us in a while it is likely because our emails aren’t getting through, in the past few months we have sent out updates to all our sponsors on their families here in Ethiopia.   Didn’t get yours?   Drop us an email at ( and we will make sure to get your update to you right away.

Want to be a basement rock star with us?  We would love to have you!   Here is the down low on how sponsorship works with Bring Love In.

First there are our Forever Families, these are the new families that we create made up of widows and orphans.  We have 56 kids in 9 families right now, and it costs us $1200 to take care of one of those families for a month, this includes all expenses for that house, food, rent, school, medical, everything.    What we do is ask that people sign up to sponsor whatever portion of that monthly cost they feel comfortable with giving each month, and we will match them with a family.  Right now we have 4 of our families who still need more sponsors so we can cover their full expenses every month.   If you sign up to give we will match you with your new family and send you pictures and updates on them.

Second are what we call our Keep One Home families, these are the ones in our community who are at a great risk of giving up their children to an orphanage or for adoption for the really simple and stupid reason of not having enough income to support their family.  All of them live on less than $24 per month.   Yeah, not good at all!   What we do is find sponsors who are willing to give $39 per month, that goes towards food support, cash, counseling, medical, and even some small business grants for families who want to create their own income source.   So far we have 157 families in this program and we could not be more proud to say that 100% of them have been able to stay together as families because of the support they are receiving!  This has to be one of the coolest things we have ever been apart of, it is beautiful to see these families able to start rising up out of poverty through your sponsorships.  It really works!   We have several openings right now of families who need sponsors who will give $39 per month to help them stay together.


There you have it.  Two different ways that you can use a small amount of money to make a huge impact in Ethiopia.    Want to help out?  Great!  We would love to have you along with us on this journey.


Click here to set up a monthly sponsorship and become a basement rock star!

Thanks so much!