Wow, it has been too long here.   With our family getting moved into our new (and still un-finished remodeled) house this month, I have not found much time to sit down here and write.  I promise, more to come in the way of updates.    I will sum it all up with this for now;  Things are going well in Ethiopia, kids are enjoying school and family, and plans are underway for a super fun VBS this summer that might even include a getaway to a lake…   Shhh, you didn’t hear it from me though!

In the mean time I want you to read something that a very close friend of mine wrote today.  Jon Morton is one of those guys who comes into your life and wrecks things, he asks questions and dives into issues and does not stop until you have a whole new perspective.  I was lucky enough to meet Jon almost five years ago and I am pretty sure he decided right then and there that he wanted to blow up my life. Jon, you suck!   And I am a better person because of it.  Thank you!


Jon is the one who did our fancy video on the top of the site here, basically anything that you see Bring Love In that looks good, yeah that’s Jon.    He recently took a trip to Croatia to see first hand what life is like for the Syrian refugees.   I won’t say more because I can’t do justice to it like he can.

Hop over here and read what he has to say.   This is ripping my heart out.