We are getting a bit antsy while we wait for the government approval on the project.  We knew this was going to take some time, and as of today nothing is actually late yet… But we are just so ready to start making a difference-to start helping orphans, that this season seems like its taking forever.

We have been looking at houses for the new forever families, and negotiating with several owners on their prices, but because we are an official organization that they would be renting to, the amount of tax they will have to pay on the income they receive is higher, so many are simply refusing to rent to us.  Its possible that we will have to increase the amount we are willing to pay in rent on each home to compensate the owners for this tax, we are considering that this week while we look at even more homes and talk to even more owners.  Pray that we are able to find homes in our price range, and landlords who are willing to work with us.

The school year has started for our kids, its nice to have a little routine around the house, something to keep our minds off of the waiting.

Donations continue to come in towards the set up of new homes, we now have enough one time donations to fully furnish three homes!  Its exciting to see how God is providing and using people all over the world to make this happen.  When I look over the list of people who have donated I only recognize a few names on it. Most everyone who has stepped up to help are people from places we have never been.  We are so thankful we could cry, I can not wait to show pictures of the new families to all these people who have so selflessly helped support this work.

We still need more monthly donations to pay for the ongoing costs for the homes, there really is no limit on how many houses we can open, the more funds that are committed, the more forever families we can support.   Please pray with us that this blog is spread around and read by more people who are willing to help support these orphans and widows with us.

I am reading Francis Schaffer’s “The mark of a Christian” and really getting into it. His writing is incredible and the point that he makes that we should be known by our love is changing the way I look at everything.   I am thankful for the Bingham School Library here in town and that they opened it up for homeschool missionary families like us. It’s a lifesaver for the whole family to have some good books to read.

We finally got the kids up off the floors in their rooms. After nearly two and a half years of living here in Ethiopia we upgraded them all from mattresses on the floor and sported for some locally made bamboo beds.   After seeing how happy they all are, we are thinking we should have done this a long time ago…

The rainy season is supposed to be over in the next few weeks, and apparently the worst of the rains come at the end of the rainy season.   We have this afternoon ritual around here these past weeks, every time it starts raining hard the water starts pouring in through all the doors and windows, creating a river that flows down the stairs.  We have to run around and put towels under all the cracks, and push all the water out the front door with a broom.  So, I think you will understand when I say that we are really looking forward to the rainy season being over around here.