I am missing Jessie pretty bad.  This week apart while she stayed behind in America to let Ruth recover from her tonsillectomy is just no fun.  We work well as a team, and the way I see it we got married for a reason.  Why all this apart stuff?   Err… No fun.  Thankfully today is the last day without her!

The new project paperwork is officially completed and ready to resubmit to the government today!  Pray that they expedite the processing.  We keep hearing reports of more and more children flooding into the government orphanages due to the famine that is going on right now.  Last week on one day alone they had 27 new orphans come in from a region outside the city.  ONE DAY.   Pray that we are able to help soon!

We have been looking at homes to rent for the new Forever Family houses, found some very nice small houses in the right price range and neighborhood.  Cannot wait to fill them up with new families!   I will post pictures as soon as we rent something.

We are starting to work on the widow side of things, speaking with a few churches about letting us know who in their church is raising children on their own with no resources.  The feedback is overwhelming, one man says their church helps to support over 300 women who are single parents with $18 a month worth of food, and that he would love to connect these women with our program.  Many of them beg on the streets all day for their survival, yet he says that he feels with the proper training many of them would make great house moms.

Our kids are adjusting to being back here well.  This is home for them and even though they all loved our time in America, I can feel a peace that comes over them when we are here and settled in.  Its just right, and I am thankful to God for that.

We are praising God for our house here.  When we left our landlord was telling us that he was going to raise the rent… He even mentioned that it might double in price!

The thing is we have a really good deal on this place so it was not all that far fetched. Yet, after we told him we were leaving when the lease was up, which also happened to be three days after we got back.  He backed off.  He is letting the rent stay at our same price!  I cannot even tell you what a blessing this is.