We have 4 days left before we go home to Ethiopia.

I have mixed feelings about this, clearly we needed this time, we been able to spend time recovering from the traumatic separation we endured with the Drawn From Water kids, yet we feel the scar will never leave.  Going back to start a new project and start again feels good, like its the next part of a long healing process.  That part feels good, at the same time we are leaving good friends here in America and that is always hard.

The kids are getting antsy, they know the transition time has come once again to our family, and they are already starting to get uneasy.  Praying that we settle back home quickly.

Tomas and Jennifer Garcia are just about my favorite people in the whole world.  For the entire 3 months that we were here in America they let us use their car. I don’t even have words for how thankful we are for them.  Praying that God blesses then 100 times over for their generosity!

Still working on a new logo and finishing up the website design here, was really hoping to have this done before we went back to the land of slow internet…. But we are just going to have to keep moving on it and hope that one day this all comes together and works well.

One good thing is the donate page is now really nice and easy to understand.  I cannot even tell you how many emails I received telling me that it was not working or that it was just to confusing to figure out.  Sorry about that, and thank you for your patience.  I don’t blame you if you gave up.  Thankfully it is working now!  Click here to check it out and read about the different areas that we are looking for people to help with.

I have a wonderful wife.   I know that you all likely know that already, being how I say it all the time, but really, truly I doubt there are many women who could handle all of this like she does.  Our life is never not in transition, and she somehow finds balance and joy in the middle of all of it.  I am thankful for Jessie today.   You should really look her up on Facebook and be her friend, she is pretty cool to be friends with…  I should know, so you can trust me on that.