I can hardly find words to convey the things I have seen this week, its like the heavens are opening up and flooding onto the earth.


This project that we are starting, the vision to help widows and orphans both… Its hitting a nerve here in the ground in Ethiopia.  Its like the red sea is parting before our very eyes.  Things that should be taking months are coming back to us in a matter of days, officials who normally are impossible to please are pushing us to get the documents back sooner so they can approve them, project agreements are getting signed in record time, praise is being lavished on the project by officials who normally scoff at religious based efforts.   God is moving!


But here is the deal, we are finding ourselves in a position to help bring hope to a sizable portion of the children who find themselves orphaned here in Addis Ababa, the question we keep getting at every step of the government offices is if we can take more children in.  “How many houses will you be opening”  they keep asking,  “How many orphans can you accept”  They plead, “We just have so many children that need families!”

Today we are limited by one thing, the funds to pay for the care of these children.  We have the right local leadership, the framework, the approvals, the vision, solid local church partners. We just need more resources to really make an impact!

I am going to ask you to open up your heart and give big towards to these kids today, help us help these orphans, give towards opening with more houses right from the start so these kids will not have to be left on the streets any longer that they already have.


  • Click the like button on the bottom of this page, let your friends on Facebook know that there is a real need out there that they can help with, and that you support what Bring Love In is doing in Ethiopia. 
  • Get a group of friends together and hold a car wash to help furnish a house. 
  • Email a link for this post to your friends, let your friends know that this is a real need, a real situation that we can all come together and help solve. 
  • If you have a blog, write a post today about this, do what you can to spread the word so that others might help as well. 


I know I am now being shy about this, but the heck with it! I am done being shy, its time we join together and do some real good!

It costs right around $2000 to set up a new house, furniture, kitchen appliances, the works. And once that house is started it costs $625 a month to keep things going, food, medical, education, support for the house mothers, all of it.  Not bad when you figure that each house is going to have 6-8 children in it.

There is no reason why working together we should not be able to get several more houses payed for, everything else is in place, just the funds are needed to help more kids get off the streets and into a new family.


Are you on board?