I don’t have any way to keep track, but if I had to guess I would say that a nearly half of the messages we receive are from people who want to come and see the work that is happening here, and our response has always been the same… “Soon we will start hosting teams”  It’s not that we don’t want people to come, we love visitors… We have just not been to the place where we are able to put the work that it takes into hosting.  Now though…

I am happy to be able to tell you today that the time has come, and we want to invite you to come and visit us here and get a first hand look at the redemption that is happening in these widows and orphans who we are serving.

How can you be ready for this in the middle of all that is happening? (you might ask) Well, what we have done is partnered up with One Child Campaign, they are going to do all the messy work of booking tickets and handling schedules, and prepping people for the trip, and we get to do the fun stuff like meet all of you and show you around the project, and introduce you to everyone over here. What we have done is planned two (as a start) trips in the coming year, trips that are geared towards doing things like taking our moms out to a day at the spa, and teaching english for our kids during summer break, on top of that we will give everyone a chance to visit several other great ministries in Ethiopia who are working with orphans. In a wat it is a sort of quick immersion into all that is happening in Ethiopia right now.

What do you think?  Do you want to come and help us love on these mothers who will in turn love on their families?  Are you ready for this?

Before I go on, I have to stop right here and address a sticky question that always comes up when you talk about short term teams…  If you have been reading here for any length of time you know that I like to take these sort of things head on, and so the question is this; Why spend money on a mission trip when you could send it and help the orphans that you are coming to visit.

My answer;  Don’t come unless you are ready to get your life messed up.

And I mean that.  Because the last thing any ministry needs is more people who are going to come and gawk at all that is going on so that they can go home feeling good about themselves for getting out of their comfort zone.  What we do need however, is people who come ready to change their own lives around helping the need that they see, people who are not going to see and just leave, but rather people who are going to stand up and do something, people who are irreverent about the safety and peace that they have in America and who come ready to mess all that up for the sake of some widows and orphans who need our help.  The fact of the matter is we need you, and we know that we would not be here doing the work that we do if it weren’t for the short term missions teams that Jessie and I both were a part of many years ago.  God did something in our hearts way back then, and we want to give that opportunity to others right now so that in turn we can all get together and do something amazing for those in need.

Does that make sense?   So come if you are ready, stay home if you just want a vacation.

This ain’t no vacation!

So, we invite you to come, see this place, let the need and redemption that God is bringing wash over you, and let it change you.


Are you in?


Then here is what you need to do.  Send Caleb David from One Child Campaign an Email, let him know that you are ready to mess up your life this year and he will get back to you all the details and even give you some tips on how you can go about raising the money that it will take to get here.

Caleb’s email is Caleb@OneChildCampaign.com

There are two trips who’s dates we already know about now, one is May 23-30th, and the other is July 16-26th.   (We will be adding more soon, so don’t back out just because you can’t make it to either of these.)

One last thing, and this is important.  We ask that people who come on a trip take on a responsibility, and that is this;  that you commit that in the year following your trip you will raise at least as much money as it cost you to go on your trip, for a ministry in need.  It does not have to be Bring Love In, it may even be for another organization in another country that is doing something you believe in, but we want you to commit to pay it forward, to take what you learned and apply it to helping.

What we want is people who come ready not only to learn, but ready to teach, because I truly believe that half the problem with poverty is that the rest of us live as though everyone has the resources that we have. (ouch! Right to the heart… But it’s true, we could use some education on what the rest of the world deals with)

God is not out looking for lukewarm people who want to passively serve, poverty isn’t going to go away without the great big everything that all of us has learning to lean on God, and create solutions that are bigger than us.

Are you with me?

Ok, now; Go and write Caleb and sign up for one of those teams!

We can’t wait to meet you.