Oh dear, it has been much too long since I have written.  Much is happening over here and I have literally had no time to sit down and write.

I am sorry.

Today is perhaps the worst of all days for me to finally put my fingers on these keys and get words onto your screen. My head is about to explode, it is after eleven at night here and I have spent the past 5+ hours with my head dug deep into our accounting system with John, a new friend of ours who came here on a short missions trip and has graciously offered to help me get things in order with our quickbooks file.  I am not an accountant, and numbers make my head numb.  (Somehow we need to find an stray $217.63 that is haunting the quickbooks file, but all searches seem to be in vain)

So, fair warning here, this post is being written by one tired, and numbers-numb Levi.   I hope it turns out ok.  (Because “ok” is the best I can hope for tonight)

We are doing well. Our family is still working through the medical issues that Jessie has been having and we are looking forward to her surgery soon.  She leaves in three days, until then we are trying to spend as much time with her as we can, the kids are sad to see her go, but thankful that she will only be gone for two weeks instead of the three or four that we had thought going into this.

The super awesome thing that I have to report is that we were blessed that the funds that we needed to send Jessie back for the surgery came in over the past week!  Thank you so much to everyone who gave.  We are beyond blessed, and thankful for all of you.

The project continues to move forward at an ever increasingly fast pace.  A few extra steps came up in the process that we were not aware of, but they are nearly behind us and in the mean time while those are being taken care of we have been pushing ahead and getting ready for the tornado that is coming our way.  The intake house project is coming along well, and although it is still not done, it is looking good.  We expect to start buying all of the office equipment later this week or early next.  The kitchen is going to get started soon, it still needs tile on the walls and cabinets.

The very last set before the children start to come to us is a visit by the heads of several government offices, and as soon as we are finished with the set up of the office/intake center and the first two forever family homes, we are going to schedule those visits.  You can be sure that I will be on here jumping for joy when those are done, because from what we are told after those happen it is only a matter of days before we are approved to take children from the government orphanage!   Praise God for that wonderful day!

Other than that…… Let’s see, what else is happening around here.

The weather is hot and dry, they say that the rains are coming soon, but we have not seen anything yet.  I am looking forward to some green to return to the hills.

We are heading back over to the street men’s project at the church tomorrow, and we are going to be speaking with Ewnetu about furthering the ministry that they are doing.  I will be posting more about that soon.  We have some ideas, but we want to be sure that they are going to work before we start getting the ball rolling.

Ok, that is all, my brain is shutting down and I still need to drive home from the hotel here.