You may have read a post on here a few weeks ago about our 45 children in the forever families (I keep wanting to call them new families, but I think it is time to stop that habit,  these are just plain old real families now) and how we are finding that they are in need of some help in the academic area.  As you can imagine, many of these kids come from situations where schooling was either not available or not adequate.

We have always said (and will never stop saying) that our goal, at the end of the day, when you strip it down to the core, is to raise up future leaders for Ethiopia. Simply put, our efforts would be in vain if we were not to be creating leaders who are going to change the next generation, to stop the cycle that created so many orphans in the first place.

Yes we love helping orphans, we are blessed to be giving homes and a mission to widows, and we are thrilled about all the jobs we are creating, and the beauty that is being given to these kids who were otherwise being left in a government orphanage. All that is good!  But we never want to loose sight of the real goal.

Future Leaders.

Sorry.. I can’t help but put that in here, I love communicating about our goals, and how we are going to get to them, so any time I start talking about education, and the care that we provide for these kids, I can’t help but go there. I am a from here to there guy, that is just how I am wired.

That all being said, I realized today that it is time for an update on the education push, and fundraising we are doing in that area.  If you remember from the earlier post, we asked for two things, One was monthly support for three new tutors, and number Two was funds to purchase a computer for each home, and two for the office.


Lets talk about number Two first.

It is funny, when I put the post up I was all excited about the need getting met, and the future that we are creating for these kids, that I forgot to mention why we were raising so much money for each computer.  We have lived here too long and the cost of things here just seems normal now.  But I realized, (after a few people mentioned it to me) that $700 for a computer in America or any other country is a lot of money!  What I should have mentioned is that we want to purchase desk top computers so that they are not at risk of being stoled, and that 50% of any purchase in Ethiopia is tax!  Yeah, we know, don’t get us started, things are just not cheap here..  But we have to make due.

Anyhow, to move on and update you on things. (now that I filled you in on something that I am sure you have been wondering for two weeks) We have enough funds raised to purchase three computers! And we are going to be going out and purchasing them this week, all three of them are going to go in the new library that we are setting up in the Intake Center.  As for getting a computer in each house, we are going to put that on the back burner for now and instead focusing on getting these three used as much as possible.  Maybe one day we can come back to that, but for now this will be enough to help get us going.

I gotta say, we are pretty excited about the new library though!  I can’t wait to post pictures.  I am going to pull the money out of the bank and go shopping so we can get that set up soon.


Now, about number One.  The teachers.

We have seen a few one time donations towards that need come through (thank you!) and so tomorrow we will be interviewing to see if we can find some good teachers who will be able to do the job well. We are still praying for some monthly donations for these next 7 months while we have these teachers on staff.

Please pray with us that this need gets met, and that we are able to keep giving these kids the best possible start.

Other than that things are going well, we are enjoying being here in Ethiopia and thankful to not be living out of a minivan any more.  The kids are having a blast getting to know all the new kids.


Ok, that is all I have for now.

Thanks so much for reading, we love having you here and sharing this journey together with you.