One of the most important parts of our walk with God, yet one of the things I forget to do the most is to stop and pray.  To reach out to God and just lay at his feet the things that should be his and not ours to solve and worry about.

We wanted to spend a moment this morning to put together a list of all the things we are praying for at Bring Love In, and to ask that you pray together with us.

Prayers changes things!  Will you pray with us?

1.  One of the most wonderful things that we are able to do at Bring Love In is to share the gospel with the kids who come to us.  Most of the children who are now part of our families did not grow up in an environment where the gospel was shared with them in any meaningful way if at all, and we are thankful that we have the opportunity to bring them into a wonderful local church and to raise them in Christian homes.   We are constantly praying that these lessons stick, and that these children are able to go out into the world as disciples of Christ to share his love with others.

2.  Our monthly finances continue to be something we are asking God for a miracle in, for him to work on people’s hearts all over the world to bring in the resources so that our monthly costs are covered.

3.  Our moms are one of our most precious resources, they give of their lives for their kids in ways that the rest of us cannot begin to understand, they are the ones who stay up late rocking the sick child to sleep, they are the arms that wrap tightly around the one who is hurting, they are the hearts that must bear the struggles along with each child.  We pray for our moms to have strength, to have hope, and most of all to have the endurance that it takes to raise the kids who call them mom.

4.  School starts in mid September, we are praying for our kids to go back strong, and for our moms to make it all the way through the summer without loosing their minds.  (Parents, you all know what we mean!)

5. We pray for the men who are in our children’s lives, the mentors, youth pastors and teachers, the men who are setting Godly examples and showing our children what it means to be a leader in the community.   We pray for them to have wisdom and for them to have understanding when it comes to the advice they give to our teenagers as they embark on this journey of life.

6.  Lastly I want to ask that you pray for all of our staff, each of them has an difficult set of tasks set out for them, and we are proud of the way they have stepped up to fill these roles.   Bring Love In is a ministry, not a job, the work that our staff does is an incredible blessing, and the money they make for what they do is about as far from paying back all their hard work as it could be.  We pray for strength and for blessing on each of the staff who work with us.