I would like to take a minute and say hello and let you know why I am here. My name is Luther Ramsey and I am the new Donor Relations Manager for Bring Love In. Like many of you, my wife and I have been donors for several years. I had the privilege of visiting Bring Love In three times in the last several years in Ethiopia. I fell in love with work being done to provide a loving forever family for widows and orphans in Ethiopia. As an adoptive father I believe strongly in orphan prevention and care. I believe Bring Love In addresses both orphan care and prevention with the Forever Families and Keep One Home Families.

I wanted you all to know that I am here to help keep you connected with the vision of Bring Love In. I will be providing regular updates on what is going on and where we hope to be going in the future. We want you to see the fruits of our labors and your support.

There are a couple of things you can do to help me moving forward:

PRAY! I believe that the most powerful resource Bring Love In has are the men and women who lift up the orphan crisis in Ethiopia daily. Please continue to pray, even beg, for God to protect, provide for, encourage and empower the Forever Families and Keep One Home Families at Bring Love In. Please pray for our leaders in the US and the in-country staff for wisdom, compassion and hearts and eyes to see how God sees.

GIVE! The only hurdle to creating additional forever families are financial. Your donations to Bring Love In make an eternal impact in the lives of widows and orphans. Bring Love In is raising up a generation of children who have been loved, educated, been cared for physically and been presented with the gospel. These children will one day be the leaders of Ethiopia. If your donation has expired I would ask for you to renew your giving. If you are currently giving I would ask for you to consider raising your monthly donation. I would also ask that you consider making a one time gift. As many peoples debit cards were switched to chip cards we have seen scheduled donations be rejected. Your one time gift would help get us back on schedule.

SHARE! If you are giving regularly we know that you are already passionate about what Bring Love In is doing. I would love for you to begin to think about people in your sphere of influence that may be open to partnering with you and Bring Love In. I am currently putting together a presentation you can share with friends, your church or civic origination. I am also available to answer questions with your group after they view the presentation. Please follow us on Social Media and share the work we are doing.

If you have questions or comments please reach out to me at luther@bringlove.in


Luther Ramsey