We are celebrating once again today, three precious children came to their new forever families, after living in the government orphanage for many years, these three siblings are finally home for good.

We praise God for them, and thank him for his amazing grace in these kids lives!  What a joyous time it is every time we get to accept new children into our forever families.

Will you pray with us for them as they start to go through the transition of learning that their new family is truly their forever family, and learning to trust and respect their new mother Yeshimabet?  As we have learned from the many children who we have taken through this journey, these first few months of transition are complicated, and these kids need God’s love and grace on their lives during this season.  (We all need Him, all the time.  But this time is especially important for them as they adjust.)

Thanks so much for all of your support for the ministry here and the incredibly work that we see God doing in these kids lives.  We feel blessed to be here watching all of these amazing things happen before our eyes.  God is good!

Without any further ado, allow me to introduce to you, Eyosas, Mirael, and Samket.