First off thank you so much for all the comments and messages on that last post, what a blessing for us to read your words and feel so supported by all of you!  Really this means more than I can ever tell you. I really do feel like we are so much more able to do what we do because there are so many of you who write and keep us going when things get tough. Thank you.

I wanted to hop on here real quick and let you know about a need that we have right now, as we get ready to go out on this fundraising tour we are looking at the budget for our travels.  Like I mentioned a few days ago, we have a minivan that good friends of ours let us use for this trip, and for the most part we are staying with people along the way… But the gas… Oh my!  These gas prices are crazy!  And then we have a few nights here and there where we need to stay in hotels as well.

We try to keep our administrative expenses at a bare minimum, and point donors towards more direct designations like forever family sponsorships, however at times there are off-budget expenses like this that come up and we need to ask for a little help to keep things going and the budget balanced.  I am kind of a stickler when it comes to keeping within the budget on all the line items.

If you would be willing we would so appreciate help with the trip expenses. That would be huge!

If you want to hop over to the giving page here and leave a note in the comments saying what your donation is for.

Thanks so very much! We could not do this without you!