UPDATE: Praise God we have seen just over $1850 come in so far towards this amazing goal!  Read more here…

UPDATE #2: Just looked again this morning and the total just passed $2700!!!

UPDATE #4: Almost there!  The total raised so far is $3400!!

My name is Behailu “BJ” Bushnell.  When I was 5, I was adopted from Ethiopia. Now I am 10 and just finishing 4th grade. While I am very blessed to have been adopted, I would love to live in a world where mothers like my Ethiopian mother don’t have to make such a difficult decision.  My Ethiopian mother is a widow who didn’t have the resources to care for my sister and I and keep us healthy.  I would like to help widows like my Ethiopian mother and orphans like me to have the love of a family.

When my Dad was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia recently, he told me he got to visit with an organization called Bring Love In.  Bring Love In creates new families by bringing together a widow, like my mother, with orphans, like me.  They help support these families by providing for all their needs from food, shelter, education and healthcare – and their need to have a place to belong and to call their own – a family to love and who loves them.

It costs $5,500 to open a new home and thats what I want to do.  Would you help me?  I’m going to run the Lynden Raspberry Festival 5K race on July 20 with a goal pace of under 7min/mile.  Would you support my race by donating to Bring Love In in honor of my Ethiopian mother?  You make a tax deductible donation directly to Bring Love In by clicking here.

Also, I encourage you watch the video and learn more about Bring Love In on this website.

Behailu “BJ” 


I could go on and on about how powerful these words are to me, but instead I am going to leave it here, let Behailu tell his own story, and pray that amazing things happen through his testimony.

Let’s help Behailu give other women a chance not to have to choose like his mother did.