I cannot write long but I want to ask that you please pray with us today. Yesterday afternoon, we went to see a young girl Susena, who lives on the streets with her 10 month old baby who is only 10 lbs, to talk with her about helping her to get her baby healthy. When we got there one of her friends, a 17 year old girl was going into labor. We ended up spending most of the night at the hospital while Susena’s friend underwent an emergency c-section. Now it’s almost 2 AM and we are still awake working on helping Susena get some much needed food into her tiny baby.

I will share more about these girls and how we came to be in their lives soon. But for now I wanted to ask that you pray for both babies and the mother (Tigist) who is recovering right now from a dramatic operation. The doctors say that because of a nasty genital warts condition, she would have likely bleed out and died if she gave birth in the alley like she was planning. We are praising God for his timing right now.

Before I left the hospital I snapped a picture of a beautiful new baby girl. (who is as of yet unnamed)