I am not sure how long you have been reading the blog here, but if you were with us about this time last year you will remember that this was a season of getting our our knees and asking God to break through for the kids who we were planning to help.  You see it took a full 14 months from the time we started the licensing process before we received Setota our first child into one of our forever families.  We were waiting with new house mothers trained, homes rented, and even little stuffed animals on each bed, but for many months, we had no kids.

But then the dam broke open during the summer and in only a few short months we received 45 children into seven families!  Children who all came from the government orphanages where many had spent five or more years of their lives, some as long as nine years.   My heart aches when I think of the struggle of spending so much of ones childhood in an orphanage with often 3 or more children sharing a single bed, and not nearly enough staff to pay attention to each child.

It is this kind of thing that makes me want to press into God asking him for answers and  the strength to move heaven and earth to give families to these children in need.

Then, after the kids came into their new homes, for the past year we have been beyond blessed as we watched these children adjust to being in a family, watching as they  flourish into the little treasures that God intended them to be.   It’s truly beautiful!

But the same question keeps coming up from the kids who we have in our families.


“When are you going to get more of my friends from the orphanage?”


As you will likely recall, a few months back we set out to do just that, we are working on creating two more forever families from widows and orphans.

But, as this is still Africa and all….  These things take time.  Although we are ready, homes furnished, new widows trained and even refrigerators bought….  We are being told to wait once-again.

Last time though we learned a few things when we went through this process, and so we knew the right questions to ask this time and found out that just like last year the authorities who make these decisions are planning to wait until the end of the school year to transfer kids out of the orphanage.

So… Anyone excited for June with us!?    We are counting down the days here!

You can be sure we will tell you all about it as soon as the kids start coming into their new families, in the mean time please be praying with us for these kids who’s names we don’t know yet, pray that they are safe, and that they know in their hearts that they are loved and valuable, despite the world they see around them.