Today we received some promising news regarding the project, although none of it is ever definitive or absolute in the number of days we have remaining before we are able to open the doors and start taking in orphans, this was very encouraging for us.  We might actually be on the home stretch.  Its interesting though, instead of feeling like going out and celebrating I am more reflective today, thankful for all the things that God has done to get us here and hopeful that great things will happen. In His timing.

More than any of it though, I am thankful for my wife, thankful that she wakes each day and continues to love me despite the fact that my way of thinking and seeing things might seem more like I am from another planet than of her same species. I am thankful for her get it done attitude and ability to look past the imperfect in this life we live to see the bigger picture.

Because the truth is, this place, and the way we live is not what most women would hope for when they marry. After two and a half years we still cannot communicate with 90% of the people who live here, our street is strewn with trash and severed sheep heads from last nights celebration (another of the many holidays that we don’t understand), and more often than not the simple act of going to the grocery store means you have to look the most extreme poverty right in the face and once again face the exhausting decision if you will help, or if your handout will only worsen their plight.

Jessie however has always been willing to look past all that, and see instead what good we might be able to do as a family. It’s through her persistence and faithfulness that I have learned to love it here.

Today as I hear the good news, as I run it through the filter of all the past delays, complications and frustrations, I hesitate to rejoice, but instead am thankful for what I do have, for the faithful wife who is by my side and the grace that God has extended to our family in the past months.

Just a few nights ago I found myself standing outside the fall festival at the compound of our little church that we attend here in town, talking with a new friend, and he started to ask me about my life.  I hesitated at first, wondering if he might not really want the full blow of my story, but he persisted and eventually I opened up and told him of both the struggles and victories that we have borne as a family.

“Sounds like a regular Job story” He replied, as he placed his hand on my back.

I looked up at him and thought some.  “Yeah, but you know what?”  I said. “I have always had a wonderful wife by my side who has never for one moment given up on me.  I am thankful for that”

And I meant it.

Yeah we might have seen our share of hard times, but not once during any of it, no matter how complicated things became, did Jessie falter, she was there.  Always there.

Today, I am thankful to hear that we are a little closer, thankful that God’s favor and grace has drenched this entire process but I am also taking a moment to stand back and take the long view, to appreciate the big things, the blessings that have been steady in my life, and I am learning through that to hold onto hope and be patient for the now.

His timing is right. Always right.