Dear Elevate Orphan Family,

As I was flying back from our first visit to Ethiopia in three years, the word “grateful” came to mind. Grateful to have stability in Addis to make this visit, and the grateful attitude I see in the children at Elevate Orphan.  Because of Covid and the conflict in Ethiopia our church (Journey Church) in Bozeman, Montana, had not been able to send anyone to visit the children for nearly three years. Three years without talking to the kids, teaching them, learning from them and seeing how they’re doing first hand.


In the 10 years since Elevate Orphan first began adopting kids out of the government orphanage in Ethiopia and pairing orphans with widows to make forever families, our church has been sending teams on summer trips to care for the children and help them with their spoken and written English.  Many of our team have gone 3 or 4 times to visit, including myself.  But having over 3 years of time elapse since my last visit, I was expecting the kids to feel further apart in our friendship, but I was wrong. In a lot of ways it felt like I had only just left.  In fact, as the kids have matured these past few years, they seem to have grown in their awareness and appreciation for what God has given them and the biggest surprise to me was how much they missed us. Time away had made our hearts grow fonder.


The two oldest girls in the program, Meklit and Enguday, are close to graduating from university with their engineering degrees this spring.  Seeing their success has given even more confidence to the other children. They seem more motivated and excited about their future, full of hope and expectation at what God has in store for them.


Part of Elevate Orphan’s mission is to raise up and educate the orphans to be future christian leaders to transform and shape the future of Ethiopia.  Talking to each one of the kids I quickly saw that the top four careers they are hoping to pursue are engineering, medicine, architecture and law. Seeing the kids so excited and motivated to move on to college and so grateful for the education and opportunities they’ve had was very encouraging, especially seeing the 13 new children who have been adopted out of the government orphanage and placed into forever families. They are full of joy and have a further advantage of seeing the older kids as an example of the kind of success they can have.


If you know if anyone who would like to sponsor one of these children please forward this email to them and share this.


Love and Hope in Christ,

Pastor Brandon Edwards
Journey Church, Bozeman, Montana