I am not sure why it is but lately my writing has been all “bloggy”..  Like I have been writing all my thoughts as a “blog post”, with a start, and a middle and and end, and a neat little point that is all wrapped up in a bow.  A while back I decided I wasn’t going to do that, Jessie and I made a decision that this blog was going to be real, and raw, and honest to the core even if it hurt a little to write these things.   Im not quite sure what happened, but somehow we stopped that.

So I guess I am saying sorry here, sorry for being so to bloggy, for not opening up, and for handing you something that is all prepared and on a platter.   Not that that kind of writing is always a bad thing, sometimes you get to the place where you have this perfectly neat aha moment to write about, and that kind of format just works best. But for me, for the human, quite-a-bit-less-than-perfect guy here living in Ethiopia with his family, struggling every day to get through and to find God, and to understand why it is that he put me on this earth, most of the time that just isn’t the case.  Raw, unfiltered, honesty, that works best for me. 

Ok, so we agree to be real you and I. Good. 

Let me start by sharing a bit of what has been on our hearts in this season.   

Basically, I think it can be summed up in one simple word. Passion. 

Again, this isn’t the neat little nugget of truth kind of passion, this is the raw, uncut, strip out the crap kind of passion.  The kind that resonates deep in your core when you get to the place in life where you realize that God has you right where he wants you, and your best course of action is straight ahead.   Not that any of this makes it easy, this gig is tough, this following God and trying to make a difference in the world, it wears at your soul, and hardly a day goes by that you don’t stop and say “am I where I should be?”  or “are my kids getting screwed up because of all this?”

Yesterday we had our staff meeting at Bring Love In, we sat down with everyone and asked “Whats up?”. 

We listened, talked through all sorts of things from beginning to end, and we even almost cried a little when it came time to discuss the 57 kids in our families, and some of the struggles that a few of them are having.  Many of these kids come from some pretty rough backgrounds, these are the kind of that you and I hardly understand, and the process of learning to be a part of a family, the healing, that takes time, lots and lots of it.  And the staff, they have a tough job around here, they are superstars like I can’t find words to describe.   

Then we talked about budgets, new government requirements, staffing, clothing donations, (or the lack there of because 57 kids seem to burn clothes like a cotton monster who is always hungry) and all sorts of other keeping things running topics, but somewhere in the middle of the meeting, I’m still not even sure where it was I had this realization that set deep inside me like a bright truth that shined its ten thousand watt bulb all over everything else in my life;

“I absolutely love this work.”

I love the kids that we are helping, the moms who are giving their lives for these kids, the staff who care so much about the moms and the kids, and the whole process of what it is that we do here.  I love the difference that we make in Ethiopia.  I love Ethiopia.   To say that we are passionate about this work, that is an understatement.   I don’t know how it happened, but we somehow ended up in this amazing place where we get to see all sorts of good happening around us, we get to be the delivery service for some serious awesome.   

Honestly to see just one smile from one kid who has been through the transformation from orphan, to loved child in a strong family, that is enough right there for me, yet we see so much more than that.  We see our staff of almost 50 and their amazing hearts for God, and their willingness to serve, we see the stability in their lives from having a good solid job, then we see the community we live in and the good that Bring Love In is able to do there.   

Guys, I guess what I am trying to say is thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has made all this goodness possible, thank you to everyone who has prayed with us through the hard times, thank you to God for all the grace that he pours out each day and all the hope that he is spreading around in the hundreds of people who are involved with Bring Love In.   

Thank you!   No other way to say it. 

We are so far from special people, so no perfect, yet for some reason he chose us, and we get to have the best kind of blessing in our lives, the blessing of seeing other people blessed, and to be able to sit in this seat of servanthood, helping it all come together. 

God is truly good.