Forgive me if this comes off a little me-ish sounding, the truth is I am pretty stinking proud of my family and how everyone rallied to accomplish this trip these past few months, and any attempt to cover up my feelings are going to be futile. So I am just going to run with it.

We made it!

72 days

12,588 miles

278 hours of driving

32 events

33 states

40 different beds

Shared our story with more than 7000 people.

All in all we found more than 100 new ongoing sponsors for Bring Love In, and received an encouraging amount of one time support for the ministry to get set up going forward. We feel blessed beyond belief, and humbled by the way God is working, but most of all, we feel tired right now.

Exhausted from all the driving, and sharing. What started out as a passion for the things God is doing, at times (to be honest) felt more like a tape recorder… Not that we ever were not excited about the work in Ethiopia, it just felt like all we got to do was talk about it, while all the real work was happening half way around the world.

We are thankful for Thomas and all the wonderful staff who are holding down the fort back there, but most of all we are jealous of what they have been doing!

And have you ever wondered why people write “Kalamazoo or bust” on the backs of their cars? We learned that it’s because the “bust” part is actually a real possibility. There were some long days on that road let me tell you… Long days. And we more than once contemplated “busting” which means you turn the car around and go back home, scrapping the rest of the trip.

But we are done with the driving now ( thank God). And we made it!

Over the next week we will be packing up our family and preparing for our journey back home to Ethiopia. I cannot even begin to put words to how ready we are to be back there with all the new families, it is where our hearts have been every single day since we left for this crazy trip.

In the mean time, while we prepare for the next leg, we are going to try and get some rest. Starting today Jessie and I will be spending two days with our board Members, praying with them about the next season, and putting some plans down on paper. What I am trying to say is that you won’t be hearing from us on here during the next week.

We are taking a break!

But.. We have one more thing before we start this time of rest, and planning. We want to ask for your help with something.

Many of you have heard of, and maybe even read the book that I wrote, No Greater Love. if you have read it, and are still reading this blog you must have thought all that stuff in there about us being messed up was a joke… It’s not. We really are that in need of Him.


Despite the book being a virtual encyclopedia of our failings, one of the things that we found during our time on the road was that people who have already read the book are about 10 times more likely to actually do something to help the ministry. And although the book is doing great compared to what we had ever imagined it would do (just passed 5000 copies sold so far!), we can’t help but think that the more people who get the book in their hands, the more the ministry will get the support it needs to flourish, and provide for more new forever families in Ethiopia. If you have not noticed, things are picking up speed on that end of this ministry pretty quickly.

But wait, do you get what I am saying here? The more books that get out there, the more this ministry will be able to help orphans!

So… Here is where you come in. We have two things to ask of you this week.

  1. If you already read No Greater Love, will you give your copy away to someone who hasn’t? Bring it to work with you, or to the park with your kids, and pass it on. Tell them that this book is about some pretty messed up people who God is using anyway, and tell them about the new families that are coming together in Ethiopia. Today has just become official Pass-it-on day!
  2. Next, share about it online in any way that you can. If you liked the book, tell others about it. Get the word out on your blog or on Facebook. They say that people need to hear about a book five times before they go buy it. Let’s make today the day that everyone hears about it that fifth time!
  3. I know I said two… But I always think of something else at the end. If you do have a blog or website, and want to do a giveaway of the book, we would love to send you a copy. Just send us an email to and let us know that you want to do a giveaway on your blog.

Thanks for being here. We love each and every one of you, and were so blessed these past months to meet so many of you, and get to know you just a little. Together we are doing some really amazing things, and all the glory goes to Him! Already 42 kids have been placed in families, 12 widows are getting a new mission in life, and 50 poor families in our neighborhood are keeping their own kids from becoming orphans. Praise God!

Now. On towards that little break I was talking about. I am serious. We are outa here for a few days!