Better Orphan Care

Elevate Orphan exists to improve the quality of life and care for children in need.

With your help, we can continue providing full time care for orphans in Ethiopia and give them hope, joy, and opportunities while helping raise up future leaders who will create a brighter future to Ethiopia.

A Closer Look at Our Orphan Care Centers

Addis Ababa

Bring Love In  exists because we believe that every child deserves the chance to not only survive but flourish in a family who loves them.  We work with local churches to find widows who still have something to give, we train them and place them in a home with 6 children. Together they make a new forever family.  Our mothers provide care for each child as their own, giving them a life of joy and opportunity.

Our goal is to create future leaders and teachers who grow up with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and help Ethiopia thrive from within.

Today we have 65 children in ten families and growing! 

100% of your support of this organization goes straight to the care of our children at Bring Love In



Omo Valley

Omo Hope works with the tribal peoples of Southern Ethiopia to rescue children who were deemed cursed or “mingi”. We rescue these children and provide the best possible care. Our aim is to help give them a shot at a bright future because we believe each child is worthy of access to education and the freedom to chase their dreams.

As of now, we work with 50 children, but there are always others in need. With your assistance, Omo Hope can grow and expand our resources to reach more children who deserve their chance to live, and at a bright future.

100% of your support of this organization goes straight to the care of the children at Omo Hope



Give Children Hope Today

Give Children Hope Today

Your support grants children access to food, healthcare, housing, and education.

How Does Our Sponsorship Work?

$35 a month from ten sponsors provides support for a house mom, food, housing, schooling, and even counseling services.

Elevate Orphan holds ourselves to the standard of caring for these children as we would our own. This is what is necessary to break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for enrichment. With our help, each child will have the tools to become leaders and teachers which Ethopia needs for long-term success. 

Will you become a sponsor today and create a bright future for a child tomorrow? 

About Elevate Orphan

Elevate Orphan believes that each child has value. This is why we ensure that each child in our care has access to the best education, nutrition, families, communities, and counseling services. The betterment of children’s futures is what drives and inspires us to do what we do.

 Our funding comes via crowdsourcing and partnerships from people such as yourself. Our role is to raise funding so that we can support our local orphan care organizations and allow our staff on the ground to focus on giving individualized attention to our kids and ensure the care and development of each child.

Elevate Orphan’s work is fueled by the collaboration of people around the world who believe in using our time and resources to help children in need. We look forward to you joining this movement with us!

  Updates and Important Information 

 Updates and Important Information

New Bring Love In Boys’ Home!

We now have a new boys' home! 7 of our oldest teenage boys: Eyosias Endalew Gemechu Moges Yebeltal Dawit and Shwaferaw are all moving to a new home in our Forever Families' neighborhood! They will be just a street away from the rest of the homes of Bring Love In, just...

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New Omo Hope building updates!

New Omo Hope building updates!

Whether your new to this organization or have been following along on this journey with us from the start, we are so thrilled and excited you are here to join in with us in the exciting progress of this journey of Omo Hope! If you haven’t been following along already,...

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