The local government here is in the process of checking up on every organization who has custody of orphaned children in Ethiopia, an evaluation system was created that is in my experience the most through and comprehensive to date.  I have to say, this is something that I very much support, as you can likely imagine there is a big need for this kind of evaluation.  Bad things do happen, and it is good that they are coming in and checking up on every situation where children are being cared for.

Anyhow, Thursday was the first we heard of this new process when a team of federally appointed auditors showed up at our doorstep with a 25 page long evaluation report that they wanted to fill out, each page was filled with questions for their investigation, with topics ranging from appliances in the kitchens to the methods that our in house psychologist is using in her counseling sessions with the children.

Each organization is given a score based on how well they do on each of the several hundred questions in the evaluation, each question is then given a value based on it’s importance, and a score below a certain threshold will result in the loss of an organizational license.

As you can imagine this was a very big deal.

Listen to this though, this caught us completely off guard, and yet after more than 8 hours of some of the most intense interrogation like interviews, a full and complete run down on every one of our houses, and meetings with each of the staff in our office, a near microscopic review of every receipt and every journal entry in our accounting system,  we were told that there were two items that got comments.

1. We need directional signage on the street pointing to our office.

2. Our office staff needs to wear name tags when at work.

These two items were noted as “side notes” and as a score Bring Love In received a 100%!!   We were the very first organization to get this high of a score! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited everyone is in the office. This is truly cause for celebration!

I feel like I need to call out our incredible staff here, they have done and excellent job, and I feel the biggest reason that things go so well is because each and every one of them sees their position not as a job but rather as a ministry, or a calling.  God is at work through these people, and I can’t stop gushing about how proud of them all that I am today!

This is huge!

I also want to thank everyone of you who has supported Bring Love In, without you this could not be possible.