These past few days have been pleasantly eventful on the progress front!  Which is good because, I gotta be honest with you, we were really needing some forward movement around here. That last office was hanging on to our documents and not really saying much about when they were coming out of there.

Having adopted twice, this waiting and wondering is an all to familiar feeling for us. I know many of you are in that process right now, waiting…..  Waiting…..

We were excited to get an actual timeline for our opening, one that I am hesitant to post because this is still Ethiopia and things…. Well things could change.  But let me put it this way, if we are in fact going to be opening when they say we are, than it is going to start getting crazy around here in a hurry!  There is a lot to do between now and when we get kids in the door, and all of it is stuff we can only do once we get past this next office.

We never thought that it would be possible this early on in the project, but we already have 4 homes fully sponsored, and the fifth is only a few hundred dollars away as well, meaning that not only are we going to be working on opening the Children’s Center which will serve as a transition home, but we will be renting and furnishing all of those homes as well… Each home will house 6-8 children, meaning almost 30 orphans will be coming our way and getting placed in new forever families.  Orphans no longer!

UPDATE: I just checked the donation site and we are only $95 away from fully funding that fifth house!  After that we are closing off the Forever Family Sponsorships until we can get caught up on this end.

UPDATE #2: Now we only have $55 per month to go on that last home before its sponsored! We might just bang this one out today!

UPDATE #3: I woke up this morning and checked the list…. We made it! That fifth home is now fully sponsored! God is so good!

I am just in awe of what God has done, blown away at how He works and thankful that He not only provides the resources but the grace for each season as well.

It’s good to know the grace is there when you look forward at know that “We are gonna be needing it around here”