As passionate as we are about orphan care, there is another group that needs attention as well.  One that is millions strong in Ethiopia and is key to helping this country move out of the cycle of poverty that has plagued for centuries.


The widows


During our time in Ethiopia we were shocked by how many widows and single moms we met, these were good women who loved their children but were hardly able to scrape together more than a dollar a day to live on. In a place where so many people live in extreme poverty, disease and malnutrition are rampant and are taking lives on a scale that you and I are hardly able to comprehend. And more often when not when one of these people dies they are leaving behind a family who is unable to care for themselves.   These are the women and children who end up on the streets, vulnerable to all sorts of horrible things that await them.   Not the least of which is having their children abducted, or even dying from lack of nutrition and proper medical care.


Our plan to tackle both problems at once is to employ these women to help care for the orphans that we take in to our program.  That way both are taken out of a bad situation and given hope for a future.


We plan to put these women through an intense training program where they will learn first how to properly work with the children. In addition the children will also be watched over closely by a social worker, and a nurse.


I have to say, I get pretty amped when I think about how much good will be done by caring for both orphans and widows at the same time.   Its like James 1:27 coming to life!