I could go on and on about how wonderful it is to care for an orphan, and I am sure many of you could as well, but the early side of this problem has been catching our attention lately as well, and that is the simple reasons why children are becoming orphans in the first place, and how easy it is to prevent this from happening.

If you have been reading along with us here you likely already know all about the Keep One Home Sponsorships and the ways we are working to keep families together, in the last month we have been blessed with taking on the goal of expanding our program from 50 families to 150! So far we have seen sponsors sign up to take care of 103 (53 new sponsors) of these families!  Leaving us with 47 more to go before they are all sponsored.

Here is why I am writing today, we want to ask if you would be willing to stand up at your church this Sunday (Orphan Sunday) and tell your congregation about how simple it is to prevent a child from becoming an orphan.   We created a simple flyer here explaining about Keep One Home, that gives people the opportunity to sponsor a family, all you need to do is print it out and share it with everyone at church!   What do you think? Want to get all gutsy this weekend and help find sponsors to keep these families together?!  We would love it if you could help out.

Click on this link to download the file for the Keep One Home fliers.

Let’s be praying that God moves through this effort and that we are able to find sponsors for these families in need!