There is a part of our project that we have up and running already, but have not shared about yet. Not because we are not excited about it but because we have been sharing about the forever families and did not want things to get confusing for everyone.

It is an aspect of what we do that I am very excited about. It is very practical and meets a real need head on. We also have a very personal interest because our neighbor is someone who is benefitting from this project.

Ok, so here it is. It is an orphan prevention program. We have 50 families signed up and a part of this program. What the program does is it identifies families who are very close to having to give up their children because they cannot afford to keep them and gives them some money each month to make ends meet. They also get some money put into a savings account and a health care account. The idea is that they would be a part of this for three years and after that time be in a better place and be able to make it on their own.

Levi wrote a bit back about our neighbor and how she is a single mom and was in a desperate situation and asked if we would take her kids. Instead of her having to give them up and them lose their mom she is now a part of this program and has a chance at a future with her kids.

So for thirty-five dollars a month we have sponsors to help parents keep their families together, keep their kids in school, and know that if someone is sick they can get the care they need.

We have fifty families signed up and in the program but only a handful of sponsors for these families. We have gone out in faith that once everyone heard about the program and the need some of you would sign up to support one of these families.

For me personally to know that the sweet kids that I see everyday in the house next to mine will be able to stay with their mom is all I need to know to make this project dear to my heart.

Will you sponsor one of the families in our orphan prevention program? Click here to sign up for a $35 a month donation, enough to mean everything in the world to a family in need.

Here are a few pictures from orientation day with our sponsor families.