Forget all the sermons you have heard about God’s heart for the orphan, and sit with me for a moment while we talk about the ugly truth.   Orphan care is messy, its frustrating, and everyone I know who has gotten into this line of work for the good feelings and praise has long since left.    The rest of us, the ones who are still here, we all have come to the same nasty conclusion, and that is this.

It ain’t pretty.

Kids who you love and care for and pour your life into, they are hurting and struggling, and the last thing on their mind is to look you in the eyes and say thank you for all that you have done for them.

Why are we still here? I will tell you why, because God does the same thing for us day in and day out, we are the hurting, the struggling, the angry in that relationship, and we rarely look God in the eye and say thank you for all that he has done for us.  Yet he loves us.

Because of all He did for us, we try to do just a little for those in need.  For us that means we work each day to provide for new families made up of orphans and widows in Ethiopia.

This post today is simple, I won’t go on and on like I normally do, I just want to write and say this clear and to the point.   If you are like us and have received God’s love when you don’t deserve it, then you totally get why helping an orphan, or many orphans is something that makes sense no matter who claps for you or gives you gold stars for your efforts.