Before we left the states Jessie and I met with our good friend Clayton Butler for lunch and he told us something very wise, something that keeps resurfacing in my mind.  I respect discerning friends like him, people who seem to have a knack for cutting through the crap and getting to the heart of things.  We need more like him around.

Clayton told us this; The best thing you can do for your ministry is pay attention to the people who are going to get what you are doing, communicate with them and forget about the rest.  There are going to be millions who just don’t care, are offended by the way you do things, or think your passion is over the top, don’t worry about them.  Focus instead on the people who have already crossed over, the ones who get being sold-out crazies for Jesus.

This blog may never be big, we may never be speaking to thousands every day about the ministry of creating new families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia. Its true that most will never get us, or understand why we care so much about helping those in need.  But for us, the 150 to 200 people a day who read this blog, the ones who do get it, and don’t care what others think of us and our Jesus-brewed behavior; we are going to make an incredible impact, and I am darn proud of the epic things we will accomplish together.

I guess the reason I am writing this post today to say thank you, thanks for sticking with us, for pushing onward with the messy business of figuring out how to use your life to help, for going on this path together with us as we seek God in this world through helping others.  Just because you are here, reading this, we know you are a one of the crazies too, and that makes us happy-to know we are not alone.


This rag-tag group we make up, we might not be the flashiest gathering on the internet, we might not get hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, but together we are making a difference!  And that is all that matters.

The fact is, to go on this journey, to start giving up what it is that we want, and to instead give to others, it was never meant to be the glitzy, look-at-amazing-me path, its the narrow road.  We knew that going in.  But we also know that this is where we are called as Christians, and that’s enough, we don’t need any praise, or for the masses to join with us.

Thanks for sharing your pilgrimage with us, we like being one of the crazies with you.